How Do You Pair an Apple TV Remote?

If you are trying to pair your Apple TV remote to your TV, you may have encountered an issue with it. It could be due to the remote not working, or because you lost the previous one, or anything else that requires you to connect and pair it with your Apple TV. Here’s how you can pair it with the device.

First, you need to hold down the menu button and the volume up button at the same time. Press them at the same time, and hold it for about five seconds. Follow the instructions displayed on your Apple TV, and you should be able to pair it with your device.

Make sure that your Apple TV is in range, plugged into your TV or monitor, turned on, and connected to the power. The remote should also be nearby the actual Apple TV. Everything works with Bluetooth, so you don’t need to point it at the box. You can also use the remote to change the volume on your actual TV.

If your remote stopped working, you can stick it to the USB cable and charge it. Sometimes, people forget to charge the remote since its battery lasts really long. Also, if you want to use your iPhone to control the Apple TV, you can add the toggle to the control center.

To add this toggle to the control center on your iPhone, open up the settings, go to the control center section, and customize and add whatever thing you would want. You can easily have quick access to the Apple TV and use it as a remote.

In conclusion, pairing your Apple TV remote is easy, and there are alternative ways to control the device if your remote is not available.