How Do You Find Someone’s Wish List on Amazon?

Have you ever wanted to find a friend or family member’s Amazon wish list? It’s actually very simple to do and in this post, we’ll show you how.

First, log in to your Amazon account and go to “Hello, [Your Name]” and select “Your Account”. From there, click on “Account and Lists” and then “Lists”. Next, click on “See More” on the right-hand side and select “Your Friends”. If you haven’t invited anyone to your Amazon wish list yet, it will prompt you to do so. You can either copy the message or email it to your friends or relatives.

If you have a friend who has already sent you their link, you can just go to that link and open it. Keep in mind that the link will redirect you to the Amazon website of the country your friend is in. Once you have the link, you can choose to remember the wish list so that it shows up every time you’re logged in.

If you want to share your own wish list with friends, go to your wishlist and select “Manage List”. From there, you can make your wish list public or shared. Once it’s public, you can share the link by email or by copying and pasting it into a messaging app.

And that’s it! With just a few simple steps, you can easily find and share Amazon wish lists with your friends and family. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


How do I find someone else's Wish List on Amazon?
If you want to see a friend's Amazon list, you must message them to ask them to share it. To ask your friends to share their lists with you: Go to Your Friends. Select Email this message.
How do I find someone's Amazon Wish List on my Iphone?
Open the Amazon app.Tap on the hamburger menu (the three lines in the lower-right corner).Tap on Lists.Tap on Your Friends' Lists.If no lists have been shared with you or you don't see your friend's name, tap Send a message to request access to a wish list.More items...•
How do I find users on Amazon?
The easiest way to find people is to use the search box in the upper lefthand corner of the Friends &, Favorites page at The drop-down menu is set to “People” by default. Try typing in the name or email address of someone you know.
When someone buys from your Amazon Wish List do they see your address?
Your address is private on your Wish List. When someone buys you something, the only information that will pop up is your name and city. Your full address will never show up when someone buys a gift from your Wish List.