How Do You Advance Search on Facebook?

Facebook has grown from a platform to keep in touch with friends to hosting all sorts of content. If you need to find something specific to share or otherwise, here’s how to refine your search.

If you have Facebook open on your browser, make an initial search by clicking on the search icon on the top left. Enter your query and tap enter. Once your initial results load in, refine your search by selecting a specific category from the menu on the left. Additional filter options specific to the category you’ve chosen will pop up under it. As Facebook loads in results from your chosen category, check and use these options to further refine your search. You can clear any filters you’ve applied by clicking on the x icon next to the filter in question.

If you have Facebook’s app open, tap on the search icon at the top right and make an initial search to narrow down your results. Scroll right and select a category tab under the search bar itself. Depending on the category tab, a filters icon will appear to the right or to the bottom of the bar. Tap on that to further refine your results. Note that these filters are specific to results under your chosen category. Set and select your filters of choice, and then tap on “show results” to prompt Facebook to apply them. The filters icon will show you how many filters you have active.

Refining your searches on Facebook can help you find what you’re looking for with ease. Remember to use the filters and categories to your advantage, and you’ll have an easier time finding that specific piece of content.

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