How Do TP-Link Wireless Powerline Adapters Work?

TP-Link wireless Powerline Adapters are a great way to create a seamless wireless network in your home or office. With the TL WPA 4 2 2 0 kit and the TL WPA 2 8 1 kit version 3, establishing a powerline network is simple.

To create a powerline network, plug both powerline adapters into an electrical wall socket. Connect the smaller unit to your router with the ethernet cable provided. Press the power button on the smallest adapter for one second, then press the power button on the second device for one second. This step must be completed within two minutes to complete the powerline network. While the adapters are connecting, the top two lights on both devices will flash. Please note that this process could take up to two minutes to complete. The two powerline adapters are successfully paired when the top two lights flash regularly.

The Wi-Fi clone function on the wireless powerline adapter automatically copies your router’s network name and password so you experience seamless wireless roaming. To create a seamless wireless network, press the WPS button on your router, then press the Wi-Fi clone button on the powerline adapter and wait until it flashes rapidly. That’s it! You’ve finished the Wi-Fi clone process. If your router does not have a WPS button, please email support UK at TP-link comm and include your name and contact number so they can contact you.

If you already have a powerline network and want to add more adapters, these instructions will demonstrate how it is done. Press and hold the power button on the unit connected to the router for one second. Within two minutes, press and hold the power button on the new powerline adapter for one second. The devices will then automatically connect. Please note that you can only pair two adapters at the same time. Each new adapter must be added separately. Then repeat the Wi-Fi clone process using the WPS button on the router and the Wi-Fi clone button on the adapter.

For details of other wireless and networking solutions in the TP-Link range, please visit UK TP-link comm. With TP-Link wireless Powerline Adapters, you can easily create a powerline network with seamless wireless roaming.