How Do I Stop My Fire Stick from Turning Off?

What Do I Do if My Fire Stick Keeps Restarting? Make sure you're using the correct power block with your Amazon Fire Stick. ... Disconnect and then reconnect your Amazon Fire Stick. ... Remove any hardware extensions you may be using. ... Disconnect any devices plugged into other HDMI ports on your TV. ... Check and replace cables. More items... •

If you’re experiencing the issue of your Fire TV Stick 4K restarting, there are several fixes to get you up and running again. The first thing to check is the cable that came with the Fire TV Stick. If you’re having issues, try using another micro USB cable. For about 50% of users, this should solve the problem.

If changing the cable doesn’t work, the next step is to try a different USB port on your TV. If that doesn’t work, plug in a phone adapter and connect your USB to a wall outlet. This could solve the problem, as it did for the speaker in the video.

Another possible scenario could be an issue with your HDMI port. Try plugging it into another HDMI port to see if that fixes the problem.

By following these steps, at least 90% of users should be up and running again. Give a thumbs up to let us know which step worked for you and good luck!


How do I stop my Amazon Fire from going to Sleep?
Select Display or Display &, Sounds from the Settings menu. Then select Display Sleep or Sleep. Select how many seconds or minutes your screen stays on when not in use.
Does Amazon FireStick turn off automatically?
The good thing about FireStick or Fire TV is that it turns itself off automatically when left idle for some time (20 minutes). So, even if you just turned the TV off, after 20 minutes, FireStick will get turned off automatically.