How Do I Change the Autofill Email Address on Mac?

Safari’s autofill function is a great feature that lets us enter our information like name, email address, phone numbers, credit card details, and login names and passwords with just a single click. When we visit a site where our login information is already saved, Safari offers to autofill that information for us. If you have a Mac with Touch ID, you need to have your fingerprint read on the touch bar to autofill those details and log in.

Autofill is set up and controlled from Safari preferences in the autofill pane. You can turn on autofill for contact information, usernames and passwords, credit cards, and other forms. The first item here looks to the contacts app for your information. You can assign any contact as “my card” from the card menu, and the more details you have in there, the more that can be autofilled in Safari.

If you click on edit usernames and passwords, you’ll be jumped over to the passwords pane of Safari preferences, which you have to unlock with your user account password or Touch ID. This displays all the saved passwords for various websites that Safari has saved for you. These can be removed or manually added, but usually, it’s easiest to let Safari add them automatically.

Adding credit cards to autofill will let you quickly enter the card number, cardholder name, and expiration date into a web page, but it won’t autofill the security code. You’ll need to remember that number or have it accessible in other forms. Safari will save information you’ve entered into the various sites and have it ready to autofill the next time you’re on that page.

To change the autofill email address on your Mac, head to the login page on the site you want to change it for. Currently, if you don’t have your email address and password saved for this site, you’ll need to enter that information manually this time. Once you do that, Safari will then ask if it should save the login password for this site. Choose “save,” and then log out. The next time you need to log in here, your email and password will be autofilled.

In the password section of Safari preferences, you can see the login information that’s saved for the site. If you have iCloud Keychain turned on in iCloud preferences, all these saved passwords will sync with your other Mac and iOS devices. Autofill can be a real time-saver when filling out a form or logging into websites, and utilizing password autofill and iCloud Keychain can make password management much easier between all your Apple devices.