How are Headphones Supposed to be Worn?

When it comes to wearing headphones, you might think it’s as easy as just putting them on your head, but actually, there’s a little more to it. In this post, we’ll show you how to wear headphones properly.

The first thing to do when wearing headphones is to identify which ear the speaker needs to go over. On most headphones, you can clearly see which ear the speaker is supposed to go over. Once you’ve identified which side the speaker is supposed to go on, adjust the headband so that it fits more properly. Most headphones have the ability to adjust the speaker on each side through the adjustable headband.

The next factor to consider is the clamping force. This is how tight the headset feels on your head. The tighter it is, the more noise that the headphones are going to block around you, but the more clamping force, the more likely they’re going to be uncomfortable and cause headaches. You want to find this balance when you put the headset on after adjusting the speakers. After determining the clamping force, you can gently pry the headphones out a little bit to give you a little less clamping force if it’s too tight.

The third thing to consider is the microphone boom. If your headphones have a microphone boom, you want to make sure that your microphone is positioned properly. Typical microphone placement should be about two to three fingers away from the corner of your mouth. If the microphone boom is rigid and solid, then it’s not bendable. However, if it has rubber to it, then it’s designed to bend.

Not all headphones have an adjustable microphone boom, but the OroSound Tilt Pro does. It has a magnetic microphone boom that you can remove and wear the headset like traditional headphones. When you’re ready to have a high noise canceling phone call or meeting, you can put the microphone boom back on.

In summary, when wearing headphones, you should identify which ear the speaker needs to go over, adjust the headband, determine the clamping force, and position the microphone boom at the corner of your mouth. If you’re looking for a recommendation on the best headphones for working from home, for your office or just in general, contact the team at Headset Advisor for the best recommendation for your unique situation.