Find How Many Hops are Required to Reach

Welcome to this question series by Today, we will be discussing five MCQs, and the first question is, “In the windows environment, what command would you use to find how many hops are required to reach the” The answer is “tracered”

Moving on to the second question, “A user’s PC has a virus, and your manager tells you to boot the PC in safe mode to remove it. Which would you do first?” The answer is to restart and continuously press F8.

The third question is about a workstation that is out of compliance with the group policy standard set by the domain. The correct answer to the question of which command prompt would you use to ensure all policies are up to date is “GPU date slash Force.”

The fourth question asks, “A customer opened a file attachment, and now her PC is infected with the run somewhere. She’s unable to open any of our files. Which action would you take first?” The answer is to disconnect the PC from the network.

Lastly, if your manager asks you to get details on a computer crash, the Windows Administration tool you could use is “Windows Memory Diagnostics”.

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How do you find how many hops are required to reach Google com?
The traceroute command, as the name implies, traces the route that packets takes to reach the host. It will show you how many hops it takes to reach the host and how long it took between each hop.
What is the maximum number of hops in traceroute?
The maximum number of hops is 30 by default and can be specified using the /h parameter.