Can You Watch Shows on Nintendo Switch? How to Link Your Movies Anywhere Accounts

As long as you don't mind channel schedules or the occasional ad (if you're watching live TV, you probably don't), your Switch can technically supplant your basic cable package . All it takes is the right Switch app, and perhaps a paid subscription.

Did you know that almost every digital movie you’ve ever purchased is now playable on the Nintendo Switch? That’s right – thanks to Movies Anywhere, you can link your accounts from iTunes, Google Play, Prime Video, Vudu Fandango, Microsoft Xfinity, and more to have your digital library playable everywhere, including the Nintendo Switch.

Here’s how to do it. First, you’ll need to link your Google Play account to your Movies Anywhere account. To do this, go to the Movies Anywhere app and click “More,” then “Manage Retailers.” After logging in to one of your various accounts, your digital library will automatically be added to your Movies Anywhere account.

Then, log in to your YouTube account on your Nintendo Switch (which must be connected to your Google Play account). Scroll down to the folder icon and select “Purchases” to see all of your Movies Anywhere purchases on YouTube. It’s that simple!

This feature is perfect for those who have purchased movies on various accounts and want to have them all in one place. Plus, since the Nintendo Switch is limited in terms of available streaming services, the Movies Anywhere via YouTube app is a great solution.

So, if you’re interested in watching your purchased shows and movies on your Nintendo Switch, be sure to link your accounts and start enjoying your digital library on the go!


Can you watch Netflix on the Nintendo Switch?
Though you can't easily stream Netflix on the Switch, there are other streaming services available natively. Right now, you can download the YouTube app from the eShop and stream free or paid content. Crunchyroll and Funimation are also available from the eShop.
Can you watch Disney Plus on Nintendo Switch?
Disney Plus on Switch might seem like a match made in heaven, but there isn't a Disney Plus app for Nintendo. Fortunately, you can still watch Disney Plus, on a device other than the Nintendo Switch.
Can you watch streaming on Switch?
Like the desktop experience, the Twitch Switch app lets you find streams by game or genre, and you can get watching within seconds. The interface is simple, but it works smoothly.
Where can I watch movies on Nintendo Switch?
The best options for movies on the Switch are Hulu and YouTube since both services have plenty of free movies across a variety of genres. YouTube also allows users to rent and purchase an even wider selection of films, so there's truly something there for everyone.